Still in print: 

The Trouble with Our State (edited by John Dear; Amazon and

Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings (edited by John Dear; Orbis books; also available as an audio book on cds from Blackstone

And the Risen Bread: Selected Poetry, 1957-1997 (edited by John Dear; Fordham Press

The Trial of the Catonsville Nine (Fordham Press

The Raft Is Not the Shore: Conversations with Thich Nhat Hanh (Orbis

Testimony (Orbis

Isaiah: Spirit of Courage, Gift of Tears (Fortress

Jeremiah: The Word, the Wound of God (Fortress

Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine (Plough Publishing

Job: And Death No Dominion (Sheed and Ward/Rowman and Littlefield

Lamentations: From New York to Kabul and Beyond (Sheed and Ward

Genesis: Fair Beginnings, Then Foul (Sheed and Ward

Wisdom: The Feminine Face of God (Sheed and Ward

Prayer for the Morning Headlines (Apprentice House)

Exodus: Let My People Go (Cascade

The Kings and their Gods: The Pathology of Power (Eerdmans

No Gods but One (Eerdmans

A Sunday in Hell: Fables and Poems (B&B books

The Geography of Faith: Conversations with Robert Coles (Skylight Paths


Wipf and Stock Daniel Berrigan Series, All Available at 

To Dwell in Peace: An Autobiography 

The Trouble With Our State 

They Call Us Dead Men: Reflections on Life and Conscience 

No Bars to Manhood 

The Dark Night of Resistance 

The Discipline of the Mountain: Dante’s Purgatorio in a Nuclear World 

Ten Commandments for the Long Haul 

Portraits—Of Those I Love 

The Nightmare of God: The Book of Revelation 

Whereon to Stand: The Acts of the Apostles and Ourselves 

Minor Prophets, Major Themes 

Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine 

Sorrow Built a Bridge 


Books Out of Print: 

Daniel Berrigan: Poetry, Prose, Drama 

Time Without Number 

The Bride: Essays in the Church 


The Bow in the Clouds: Humanity’s Covenant with God 

The World for Wedding Ring 

No One Walks Waters 

Love, Love at the End 

False Gods, Real Men 

Trial Poems 

America Is Hard to Find 

Absurd Convictions, Modest Hopes: Conversations After Prison 

Jesus Christ 

Selected and New Poems 

Prison Poems 

A Book of Parables 

Beside the Sea of Glass 

The Words Our Savior Gave Us 

Steadfastness of the Saints 

Block Island 

May All Creatures Live 

The Mission: A Film Journal 

Stations: The Way of the Cross 


Tulips in the Prison Yard 

Homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins 

The Bride: Images of the Church 

Ezekiel: Visions in the Dust 

Consequences: Truth and… 

Night Flight to Hanoi 

Lights On in the House of the Dead: A Prison Diary 

Uncommon Prayer: A Book of Psalms 

We Die Before We Live: Talking with the Very Ill 


Other Books About Daniel Berrigan 

At Play in the Lions’ Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan” by Jim Forest (Orbis)

Apostle of Peace: Essays in Honor of Daniel Berrigan (available from 

Celebrant’s Flame: Daniel Berrigan in Memory and Reflection, by Bill Wylie-Kellermann (available from 

Disarmed and Dangerous by Murray Polner and Jim O’Grady. 

The Catonsville Nine by Shawn Peters. 

The Berrigan Letters ed. By Daniel Cosacchi and Eric Martin. 

Divine Disobedience: Profiles in Catholic Radicalism by Francine du Plessix Gray 

Witness of the Berrigans: edited by Stephen Halpert and Tom Murray. 

“Faith, Resistance, and the Future: Daniel Berrigan’s Challenge to Catholic Social Thought,”
Edited by James L. Marsh and Anna J. Brown, Fordham Univ. Press, 2012.



The Mission 

The Berrigans: Devout and Dangerous 

The Holy Outlaw 

Investigation of a Flame